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Youtune Diesel Performance Chips

Looking for more power from your diesel engine? If so you are in the right place. With a Youtune power chip, a new installation can take a matter of minutes. Once installed you will feel the transformation of your engine. You will notice and instant increase in power, a massive decrease in turbo lag and a huge increase in acceleration.
The power chip will also improved the towing ability with increased torque.

All this with an easy 10 minute self-installation adjustable tuning chip. No Special Tools just Plug-In the chip & off you go. No wires to cut - No soldering to do - No computer required - No removal of ECU - Non Permanent.

All of our diesel tuning boxes utilize the most up to date and most advanced 'multi-mapping' adjustable chip tuning technology. Our wealth of expertise combined with our commitment to setting the highest standards indicates you can count on us to give you the most effective and top quality service.

Plus purchasing direct online gives you the very best price of up to 15% OFF RRP!

Say goodbye to the struggling and hello to a more enjoyable driving experience with the added bonus of improved fuel economy.

Whatever your diesel vehicle - be it a car, van, motorhome, tractor or watercraft - there is a great chance we can provide a diesel chip to suit, so you can delight in more power and better fuel economy! or simply return within 30-days if your not satisfied.

You'll also observe the difference a performance chip makes whilst towing, enabling you to pull additional weight promptly and with ease. With a diesel performance chip from Youtune you can open up the complete potential of your diesel engine.

Take a look at what gains can be achieved from your standard vehicle through our performance chip selection page. You will find that some gains are excellent whilst others are not so good. The reason some engines to gain as much as others are we don't try and push the engines above safe working loads. We have seen some figure that are out there from plug-in diesel tuners that we feel are unrealistic.

We also get asked a lot about resistor's, modules, injectors etc. Here at Youtune diesel chips we supply different microchips (Not resistors like some out there) for different engines.  

Not all engines perform in the same way, some engine you can increase performance by increasing the rail pressure alone, whereas some won't.  Examples of these are the Toyota D4D engine, on these we only use injector units, another is the Mitsubishi DiD, on this we use our Mp performance module. 

For non common rail diesel engines or selected common rail diesel engines that won't tune with a common rail chip we supply injector tuning module. The injector chips are still a DIY installation but have to be plugged onto each injector via a supplied harness as well as a power supply taken from the battery.

Then we have the earlier Holden 3.0 Rodeo's and the 3.0 Nissan Navara's that use a Bosch direct injection pump. We also have a plug in chip for these as well. We can even do the 4.2 Toyota Landcruiser with a plug-in performance chip and have proven results.

At Youtune Diesel chip we provide a wide range of products for tuning you vehicle and are not tied to one kind of diesel tuning chip / module or another. We supply what suits your vehicle. 

So if you are thinking of trying a chip out you can buy online or call us on 1800 822 176 and we will be happy to help 


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    • High Quality Diesel Chip
    • Easy Install Plug in Design*
    • Free Protective Cover
    • Simple DIY Installation
    • 100% Compatible


    • Australian Tuning Support
    • Microchip Technology
    • 2 Years Standard Chip Warranty
    • Up to 5 Years Extendable Chip Warranty*
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

Youtune Top Sellers

  • Holden Rodeo 3.0 Diesel Chip

  • Nissan Navara 2.5 Diesel Chip

  • Ford Ranger 3.0 Diesel Chip

  • Nissan Navara 3.0 Diesel Chip

  • Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 Diesel Chip

  • Toyota Lancruiser 4.2 Diesel Chip

  • Mazda BT50 3.0 Diesel Chip

  • Toyota Hilux Diesel Chip

  • Great Wall V/X 200 2.0 Diesel Chip

  • Toyota Landcruiser 4.5 Diesel Chip

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